Why Cannabis Makes You Laugh More

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It’s a common sight to see people have a great time in Las Vegas and some of it may be cannabis-induced. Several findings have shown that consuming cannabis may cause you to laugh more and in this article, we will look at the science behind it. 

An average person laughs about 20 times per day according to Robert Provine, an expert on the topic of laughter having 30 years of experience. On the other hand, a person who consumes cannabis on a regular basis may laugh a lot more. Some believe that consuming cannabis has adverse effects on the brain and these effects cause more laughter, however, that is not true. 

The reason why cannabis makes you laugh can be explained with science. Let’s see how.

Laughter as an Expression

Understanding why you tend to laugh more when you consume cannabis cannot be understood unless you know why people laugh in the first place. So why do people laugh? Currently, the most skilled neuroscientists are still working towards answering this question. What we know for sure is that laughter activates different areas of the brain. These areas are responsible for dealing with memory, motor function, and auditory understanding.

Laughter is a purely reflex reaction when the body encounters certain stimuli. These stimuli are related to every individual’s culture, social context, and personal experiences. When a brain affected with laughter was put under observation, medical scans showed activity in the frontal lobes and the cerebral cortex. When you consume cannabis, the same parts of the brain are activated. This may indicate that there is a strong connection between the consumption of cannabis and laughing.

Cannabis & Laughter Affect the Same Part of the Brain

Many studies have included doing MRI scans on brains both affected with either cannabis or laughter. The same parts of the brain have been seen to activate. When buying cannabis, make sure that you go to the best cannabis dispensaries in town to get high quality and licensed herbs.

Scientists believe that due to this increased activity in particular areas of the brain, sensitivity to certain events may increase. This in turn causes laughter because the individual associates such brain activations with humor. There are plans by scientists to conduct further research to see if there is an increase in blood flow to these areas of the brain. However, it might take awhile before we arrive at any solid conclusions.

Cannabis May be a Mood Lifter

There is evidence that consuming cannabis may lift the mood of an individual. People who consume the herb always seem to be in good spirits. The use of cannabis may also provide relief from certain mental health issues. 

This is the reason why people who have consumed cannabis do not find it hard to enjoy any situation. The mood lifter is a start, and laughter simply follows. 

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The Contagious Laughter

Everyone has experienced contagious laughter in a situation in their lives where people start to laugh one by one in a room for a seemingly small reason or none at all. You are likely to get fits of hysteria if you see someone else laughing after a fun encounter. Whether you are consuming cannabis or simply sitting with a group of friends, the laughter will catch up with you. No matter how hard you try, you will eventually end up laughing.

The contagious aspect of laughter plays an important role in situations where everyone finds the situation funny and starts to laugh. We have seen how sometimes the way a friend laughs is funnier than the joke or story itself. Even if just one individual in the group of friends is a cannabis consumer, the others will also join in on the laughter. These are normal human reactions in group-based dynamics.

Cannabis Consumption May Be Safer than Previously Thought

Now that we know why consuming cannabis makes you laugh, you shouldn’t worry about the plant affecting you in an unfavorable way. With more research and knowledge about cannabis consumption, people are slowly becoming more aware of its effects and myths.

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