Cannabis: An Alternative to Prescription Drugs?

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There are always new and exciting developments in the healthcare field. In recent times, we’ve seen a shift in the approach towards how patients are treated. Traditionally, the approach has been to prescribe FDA approved drugs. However, there are many risks with these drugs, as we’ll see below. More and more, we’re beginning to see people look at alternative options, including cannabis. Though more research is needed in this field, early studies have been encouraging.

With cannabis studies being conducted more often and more potential benefits being identified, public opinion is also beginning to shift. Today, more and more people are open to the idea of using cannabis for medicinal purposes, as opposed to recreational purposes. The surge of interest has led to people looking into how to buy cannabis at a Las Vegas Dispensary.

The Need for a Change

One of the driving forces behind the idea of using cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs is that the current model is causing so many problems. Anyone who has been paying attention in recent years will have heard of the opioid crisis that is affecting millions of people across America. While there have always been risks with prescription drugs (there’s always a long list of side effect warnings in drug ads, after all), the current crop of commonly prescribed drugs has induced a public health crisis, the likes of which we haven’t seen before. In the search for a solution to this epidemic, cannabis has been touted as potentially helpful. It’s not just opioids that are being considered, either; there are many people who have issues with benzodiazepine drugs too. The best cannabis dispensary will have a range of different strains available so that individuals can find one that’s right for their needs.

What the Data Says

Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to substitute one type of drug treatment for an alternative option if there was little evidence that it can be used to improve treatment. So what does the data say? While it’s important to note that studies conducted have only been small, the early signs have been encouraging. There have been studies that have shown that almost a third of patients who were using benzodiazepine ended their treatment within two months after they began using cannabis. By four months, 45% of people have stopped their benzodiazepine treatment. There have also been other studies that show that cannabis can reduce opioid use, too.

While not “prescription drugs,” the use of cannabis for decreasing reliance on other addictive products, such as tobacco and alcohol, has also shown promise. In one study, 45% of people substituted alcohol use for cannabis, 35% of people had used it to get off opioids, and 69% of participants — a large portion — had used it to get off one kind of prescription drug or another.

Another study, carried out by the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia, found an even bigger percentage of people had used cannabis to give up other substances. More than 80% of the 473 adult participants had given up pharmaceutical products with the aid of cannabis.

Cautious Beginnings

It’s tempting to look at those numbers and think that cannabis offers a miracle way out of prescription drug use, but as with most things, it’s not as simple as identifying a connection and concluding that it must work. For starters, there’s only a small amount of data available. You can’t positively conclude anything from a couple of small studies; for there to be a consensus on what works, these studies will have to be replicated on a much larger scale. The people who authored the studies found that while it was an encouraging sign, there could also be some downsides that we should consider too. For instance, if it’s to be used as a medicinal tool, then it’s important that there’s a professional involved. Taking a benzodiazepine product and mixing it with cannabis may lead to problems, including over-medication.

There’s also the matter of using cannabis to abruptly end the use of prescription drugs, which can cause problems. As with most substances, it’s not a good idea to suddenly stop taking a drug. A person that uses cannabis and has less of a desire to take their prescription drugs may cause more problems. The transition to a drug-free life should be gradual.

The Hope For The Future

Inyo can cannabis be the alternative to prescription drugs

There’s a hope that with further research, cannabis will be a treatment option for people hoping to withdraw from the use of a wide range of drugs. Drugs like Vicodin, Xanax, Ambien, and antidepressants are effective but can cause addiction. Cannabis is increasingly used to treat all of the issues that these drugs treat, but don’t have the same level of addictive properties.

The Correct Way Forward

As we’ve seen, there are reasons to be hopeful that cannabis can be used to end a patient’s reliance on prescription drugs. While the studies have been promising, perhaps the most important aspect is the shift in the public’s perception of cannabis products. It wasn’t so long ago that people viewed cannabis in a negative light, but now there’s an increasing acceptance of the benefits that it can bring, especially among younger people. Part of the march forward will involve having the medical community incorporate cannabis into their treatment offerings. If they do that, then even more people will be visiting a Las Vegas dispensary.


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