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What is the Entourage Effect?

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Inyo everything you need to know about the entourage effect

Up until now, the entourage effect might be something you’ve heard about from cannabis professionals or seen a brief, but complex explanation that you don’t really understand. The thing is, it isn’t actually that complicated. If you’re thinking of trying cannabis, you owe it to yourself to read up on the effects so that you know how you can get the best out of your usage. You need to make sure you have the right information beforehand. You probably know that the two main cannabinoids of the cannabis plant are THC and CBD. However, there are many other compounds produced by the cannabis plant that support the main two compounds. These compounds work together in different ways when mixed. Something that’s called the entourage effect.

What Exactly Is The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is where there is a synergy between the different compounds in the product when they hit the human body, producing stronger or different results. Each botanical compound can change the way it behaves in the human body when other underlying compounds are present in the product, meaning the effects can be changed and even tailored to a degree.

Try to think of it as a relationship. You might have certain skill sets in life that have gotten you to a certain point. But if you meet a partner who has different skill sets, combined, you can achieve the previously unimaginable. It’s about bringing the best of two to better the one. 

There are studies suggesting this works in practice. A cancer study suggested that level consumption of both THC and CBD, instead of just THC worked much better. However, it’s important to note that people react differently to various strains of cannabis.

The multitude of synergies are observable when you consider the multitude of compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBG, CBC, and CBN are all other strains in the product. When you realize that these are also accompanied by terpenes, the entourage effect begins to make sense. Terpenes are aromatic molecules that evaporate quite easily. They’re present in produce like lavender, lemon, and black pepper. The fact these terpenes are so diverse means the potential for synergy and creating the entourage effects are huge. Terpenes are potentially healthy for people too. As evidenced by research carried out by Ethan Russo, showing how the usage of these terpenes are therapeutic in nature. When you consider there are almost 200 terpenes in cannabis it brings to light how the synergies operate at such an effective level.

How Cannabis and Terpenes Work Well Together

It all depends on the exact strain used. But different types of terpenes can have different effects on the body. An example can be seen in the synergy between THC, myrcene, and caryophyllene. This strain is supposed to be good for people who struggle to sleep, while also still having pain-relieving effects. The strain is known as granddaddy purple. This is something you might not get if you’re going after extracts instead of bud.

In the end, it’s still important to note that the research is still in its infancy. More medical research which is sponsored and completed under strict test conditions are needed, as well as peer-reviewed research by experts in their respective fields. Russo’s work was wide-ranging and opened a lot of eyes, but at the same time only touched the tip of the iceberg. To be blunt, the entourage effect is solidly in the realm of unproven theory. Even so, their popularity has grown, and as long as consumers of the products remain interested, then there will likely be more work into the entourage effect in the not too distant future.

How These Possibilities Can Help You

Cannabis is reported to have many medicinal capabilities and is relied on by many all around the globe. Unfortunately, it still comes with a stigma in many places and by lots of people. The barriers are starting to break down with more people trying it and being open to others experiencing the health benefits it offers as well as legalization.

One problem is people going for the product with the highest potency of THC to feel the high effects it offers. Instead, do research into the strains available because you would treat any relevant symptoms more directly. As demand by users increases, more research can be carried out on other compounds, but to get there, the stigma needs to be overcome and consumers need to access it more readily.

Supposedly, the better way of accessing the entourage effect is to go for the cannabis flower plant. As it is in its raw, herbal product it has been unaltered or filtered, meaning all cannabinoids remain. However, if you prefer to go for the extracts, you can still access entourage. Just make sure you find one which is known as a full-spectrum cannabis extract. These still keep all the forms of the product instead of filtering some out.

Depending on how you like to take the product, you can usually get it in a myriad of forms. The most popular is oil, but you can also get digestible products, such as edibles. If you’re starting out, oil or edibles might be better as you control the exact amount you’re taking because of easy dosing. The goal with full-spectrum is to ensure the raw compounds remain in an unaltered state.

Full-spectrum may help with stress, pain, or sleeping problems. The issue is that the human body is a complex system. What works for some might not work in the same for others. Check out the reviews, but realize what works for them may differ for you. Speak to an expert if you can. If you’re just starting out make sure to speak to your doctor if possible, especially if you need specific pain relief. The key thing to remember is that changing a strain for one with higher THC or CBD may not prove better at relieving pain because you’re altering the terpenoid content or strain. Also, THC may create anxiety in itself, so be careful in what kinds of strain you’re thinking of using. If you have further questions on products and the entourage effect contact us!

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