7 Tips For Selecting the Best Cannabis Strains

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As you may know, there are some strains that give you energy while others help you sleep. Some can target anxiety while others can target physical pain.

If you’re looking to help you get into the right mood, keep reading. We’re sharing with you seven cannabis strains that can help enhance your mood. 

Cannabis Strains: The Basics

Before you find the strain that works best for your needs, you need to know the basics between the different types. Cannabis is usually grouped into three different groups:


Sativa strains are best if you’re looking for a more “brainy” high. In other words, if you’re looking to boost your mood, you should look toward strains containing mostly Sativa. 

Sativa strains are known to produce the following:

  • Focusing
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing performance

You may even notice you get the giggles when you use a Sativa strain. 


Indica strains are best if you’re looking to relax. Strains containing mostly Indica can help with the following:

  • Pain relief
  • Sleep disorders


There are also strains of marijuana that contain a mix of both Indica and Sativa. However, hybrids don’t mean that there’s an even mix of Sativa and Indica.

It depends on what strain you buy as to whether it will be more Sativa-dominated or Indica-dominated. Very few are an even combination. 

Strains Vary Greatly from One Another

Just because a strain is Indica-based, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the exact same feeling in every Indica-dominant strain. The same is true for Sativas and Hybrids. 

The specific terpenes in each strain change how your body processes cannabinoids. Each strain produces its own unique feeling. 

When in doubt, speak to your budtender to ask which strain is right for your needs. 

1. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a favorite among connoisseurs. Made from Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, it’s known for its relaxing effects. 

It’s also almost exclusively an Indica strain.

The Benefits of Purple Kush

Kush is great if you’re looking to feel any of the following effects:

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Alleviate pain
  • Help with insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea

It has a slightly grapey taste if you’re planning on smoking it. 

2. Cannatonic

While the name Cannatonic makes it sound like it will put you into a zombie-like state, you won’t. Instead, you’ll enjoy a psychoactive buzz that won’t overwhelm you. 

Canntonic is made from MK Ultra and G-13. That makes it a hybrid so you’ll feel the effects of an Indica strain but it smells and tastes like a Sativa strain. 

The Benefits of Cannatonic

Cannatonic is a great option if you’re looking to feel the following effects:

  • Uplifted
  • Happy
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced stress
  • Relaxed

While you won’t get a burst of energy, Cannatonic does leave you clear-headed enough to help keep you focused and productive. 

3. Choco Candy

Choco Candy is a hybrid but Sativa dominates. The taste is sweet, fresh, and chocolaty. 

The Benefits of Choco Candy

Choco Candy is great if you are looking for the following effects:

  • Uplifted
  • Happy
  • Energized
  • Creative
  • Flirty

It’s a cross between Chocolate Haze and OG Chocolate Thai. You may want to wait until evening to enjoy this strain. 

4. Harley Mandala

Harley Mandala is known as a balanced hybrid, though some believe it’s slightly more Sativa-dominant. It’s made from South African Highland Sativa, North Indian Sativa, and New Zealand Purple Indica.

The Benefits of Harley Mandala

Harley Mandala is best if you want to feel the following effects:

  • Calm 
  • Alleviate pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Alleviate depression
  • Alleviate chronic fatigue
  • Reduce in mood swings

It’s a great strain to use as a pick me up. You’ll feel relaxed but can remain productive. 

5. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a renowned strain. It’s a pure Indica that comes from Afghani and Thai landrace strains. 

Northern Lights then became the parent of other famous hybrids such as Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. 

Benefits of Northern Lights

Use Northern Lights if you want to feel the following effects:

  • Relax muscles
  • Relieve pain
  • Ease stress
  • Ease anxiety

It’s a great strain for anyone looking to feel a little dreamy. 

6. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is a Sativa hybrid that lives up to its name. It tastes like exotic fruit and packs a powerful punch. 

It’s described as an earthy cross between Jamaican and Thai strains.

The Benefits of Laughing Buddha

Use Laughing Buddha if you want to feel the following effects:

  • Happy
  • Upbeat
  • Alleviate depression
  • Energetic
  • Giggly
  • Alleviate stress

It’s a great strain if you’re looking to smile or if you’re heading to a party. 

7. Harlequin

Harlequin is a true hybrid. The Sativas are Columbian Gold and Swiss Sativa. The Indicas are from Nepal and Thailand. 

Many people feel Harlequin is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to unwind as it alleviates stress without making you want to go to sleep.

The Benefits of Harlequin

Use Harlequin if you want to feel the following effects:

  • Focused
  • Motivated
  • Happier
  • Energetic
  • Reduce pain
  • Alleviate migraines
  • Alleviate joint pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce depression

Harlequin is a great choice for those who want the benefits without feeling too high. 

How You Ingest Cannabis Makes a Difference

There are quite a few choices for how you want to ingest your cannabis. Some choose to smoke it while others enjoy edibles.

All of that makes a difference in how it will affect your body. Often edibles are known for lasting longer and producing a more powerful effect. Smoking a strain often lasts between two-three hours. 

Always start out using a small amount until you’re sure of the effects a new strain will have on you. Never drive after ingesting cannabis in any form. 

Get More Active

No matter what ails you, staying active benefits both the mind and the body. It’s not always easy to do that when your body and/or mind tells you differently. 

Different cannabis strains can help with that. Click here to learn how

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