9 of the Best Things to Do While High in Vegas

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Top view of Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always had a wild reputation, but it was illegal to use cannabis products until November 2017. You may have visited Vegas before, but have you ever hit the strip high?

If not, you’re in for a treat. While you might head to Las Vegas to hit the slots, consider taking in the city with a more mellow approach.

Looking for a guide to the best things to do while high in Las Vegas? Read on for our picks! 

1. Check Out a Live Performance

Las Vegas is a popular place to experience live music. With no shortage of options, you can opt to see live music, dance, dinner shows, or comedy.

Experiencing your favorite performers while high can be an incredible experience. Plus, you can bet many other attendees will be into cannabis. Marijuana can turn performance art into a shared experience, making it even better than usual.

2. Go for a Thrill Ride

When you’re stoned, the thrill of an amusement park is amplified by ten. And Las Vegas delivers some serious thrills.

Visit the Stratosphere Tower—a 1149ft hotel tower—for a ride that will give you a phenomenal view of the Las Vegas skyline. There are three different thrill rides to experience at the Stratosphere, including the Big Shot, which blasts you 160ft into the air. This blast generates a “G-force” feeling as you’re free-falling back to base.

And don’t take the observation tower for granted. The Sky Pod offers beautiful observation decks where you can take in the skies while high.

3. Visit Fremont Street

Fremont Street’s entertainment district offers five blocks of legendary opportunities. Whether you’re in the mood for a cocktail, a light show, or zip-lining, you’ll find something to enjoy.

Sometimes you just need something to stare at while you’re stoned, and there’s no shortage of entertainment here. And you don’t have to spend any money to enjoy the experience—walking around and taking it all in is free!

4. Wander the Strip

I mean, is there anything more iconic to Las Vegas than the Strip? You can’t miss wandering the Vegas Strip when you’re high. 

The strip is longer than you think, and there is enough street entertainment to keep you and your friends busy for hours. Bonus: there are so many street vendors, you can satisfy your munchies with just about any cuisine you desire. 

And when you’re done and realize you’ve wandered a bit too far from your hotel catch a cab or Uber and enjoy the ride.

5. Picnic at Red Rock Canyon 

There’s a lot more to Vegas than gambling and neon lights. 

Just 20 miles west of the Strip, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area offers stunning views and hiking trails with nice picnic areas. 

There’s a 13-mile Scenic Drive that features waterfalls, historic buildings, and Native American petroglyphs. Check it all out, or grab some edibles and become one with nature.

6. Chill at the Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Hotel’s water show features jets of water that shoot 450ft up into the sky.

Pair that with lights and music, and you’re in for a magical experience. You can watch the show again and again, as each performance is unique. 

The fountain show is paired with lights and music and you never know what you might see or hear. Stick around for an engaging show with everything from pop music to Broadway tunes.

The show is best experienced when it’s fully dark outside. You can also take your time because a new show starts every 15 minutes.

7. Eat Your Fill

Is there anything more satisfying than a buffet when you’re stoned? 

Las Vegas has plenty of delicious buffets to choose from. Your hotel most likely will offer one, but hold out for Caesars Palace’s Bacchanal.

For around $50 per person, you can choose from hundreds of daily offerings with nine distinct restaurants in one. You’ll have two hours to gorge yourself before your time is up.

8. Entertain Your Artistic Side

Most of the artwork in Las Vegas is designed to be taken in from a moving car. That’s because Vegas grew because of highways, so outdoor visuals are meant to draw tourists in.

Take the welcome sign on Las Vegas Boulevard, for example. Betty Willis was inspired by her love of neon that she saw on Broadway as a child. In 1959, the now-famous signage was installed and became a landmark. In 2009, it was given a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

And if looking at art isn’t enough, let your creativity free. Getting high is a good way to open your mind up to artistic possibilities. Plan out your day and decide what to create to make the experience as enlightening as possible. You might just find a Vegas activity that inspires you.

9.  Hit Up a New Dispensary

Las Vegas is now a tourist spot for cannabis-lovers, thanks to the recent law changes. Why not take advantage of it and see what a Vegas dispensary has to offer?

You’ll find dispensaries offering a wide variety of marijuana flowers, edibles, and concentrates.

Just remember, Nevada law states that you have to be over 21 (with a valid ID) to buy cannabis. You’re also only allowed to consume marijuana in private residences. 

Experiment with These Best Things to do While High in Las Vegas

Now that you have a list of the best things to do while high in Las Vegas, let us help you pick the perfect product to match your itinerary. 

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