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At Inyo, we are always on the lookout for exciting new cannabis brands to add to our stock. Today, we’re pleased to announce that you can now find Old Pal Shareable Cannabis at our Las Vegas Dispensary !

Old Pal is a cannabis supplier with a unique philosophy. The company doesn’t like the trend towards bespoke, premium cannabis breeds. It wants to help people return to what smoking marijuana was always about in the past: shared experiences with friends. 

Today’s cannabis market, the company argues, isn’t particularly conducive to sharing. Smokers have to fork out a lot of money for flower, making them less willing to pass the smoke around.

For Old Pal, the loss of this tradition is a tragedy. Many people grew up in an era where sharing cannabis was part of the overall experience. With today’s focus on the individual, something has been lost, the company believes. 

Old Pal, therefore, is for people with a nostalgic longing for the past. It’s for those who remember their early days with cannabis and want to relive those experiences. For Old Pal, it’s not just about smoking weed: it’s about sharing one’s creativity, conversation, and marijuana with others. At Inyo, this is something we can get behind.

Old Pal, as you might expect, focuses on value. The brand offers a range of pesticide-free cannabis products from a variety of strains that have affordability in mind. And now you can buy all of them from Inyo, the best dispensary in Las Vegas!

That’s excellent news: or “cosmic,” as the people behind Old Pal might say. Finally, you can buy quality cannabis that you and your friends can share at an affordable price. What could be better than that? 

Old Pal Shareable Cannabis Varieties

Old Pal’s lineup is simple. The brand sells three varieties of cannabis: Sativa, indica, and hybrid. 

The company doesn’t like the current trend towards hyper-niche, quirky cannabis strains. It wants to keep things basic and down-to-Earth, just like they were in the past. Too much complexity takes away from the straightforward enjoyment of the flower, the brand says. Smoking cannabis should be a raw experience.

Old Pal Indica

Old Pal Indica is what smoking cannabis is all about: being able to unwind and relax. Old Pal’s Classic Shareable Flower recreates the experience from the early days of cannabis culture, providing you with a retro experience. For many, the company’s Indica product is the “original and the best.”

As with all of Old Pal’s products, its Indica variety comes 100 percent free from pesticides. It’s also naturally grown and sold in ⅛ ounce bags. We currently carry Blue Zkittlez.

How could you describe the experience of Old Pal Indica? The best word would probably be “tranquil,” thanks to its subtle, mellowing effects and ability to relax. This is undoubtedly one that you’ll want to pass around. 

Old Pal Sativa

Of course, cannabis isn’t all about feeling mellow and chilled out: it’s also about achieving clear-headedness and inspiration. Many of the most creative people on the planet experienced their most magnificent artistic flourishes when consuming cannabis, and now with Old Pal Sativa, you can too. Stop by Inyo to pick-up their coveted Cinex strain and give it a try.

The product is again naturally grown and free from any artificial nasties. It is a great daytime marijuana strain and might provide users with a high level of clear-headedness and positive energy. It’s also ideal for people who don’t feel stoked for the day ahead and want to give themselves a boost. Again, as with all Old Pal products, sharing is recommended. 

Old Pal Hybrid

Old Pal Hybrid is as complicated as the company likes to get. It’s a classic hybrid flower that is a combination of strains, allegedly providing users with a variety of sensations that they can’t get from smoking one or the other. 

The fact that it might offer a combination of properties much makes this the ideal product for any occasion. Their GG#4 strain It could be great for when you want a little bit of a creative boost during the day while also a product for mellowing out in the evening. 

Get Old Pal Shareable Cannabis At Inyo

The fact that Old Pal wants to bring back classic, old-school cannabis experiences is brave. But we have a feeling that their approach will prove exceptionally popular.

We love Old Pal here at Inyo.  It is a company with a difference. They know precisely who they are and aren’t afraid to share it with like-minded people. They want to bring a sense of community and belonging back into cannabis culture, and, for this reason, their focus is refreshing. 

Pick up their shareable flower from our dispensary near the Las Vegas Strip today. 

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