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While smoking weed has been the way people have consumed marijuana for thousands of years, sometimes it’s a good idea to change things up. 

One of the most novel and simplest ways to consume marijuana is through THC-infused drinks. While the name may sound fancy, the process of how to make weed coffee and drinks is actually pretty simple. You can do it yourself with just a few simple pieces of equipment that you can get at most grocery stores. 

Making Weed Drinks

The important thing to remember is that the THC in cannabis will bind with fats and alcohol. This means that your high will come from cannabis-infused types of milk, creams, alcohols or oils. Binding THC to alcohol or fat molecules is done through heat.

How to Make Weed Coffee

You don’t have to choose between cannabis and coffee. Weed coffee or tea are great ways to start your morning, giving you the energy that will keep you going while also starting a mellow high.

The best way to make weed coffee or tea is to just make the drink regularly and then add in weed-infused milk or cream. Making weed milk or cream is a simple process. Three-percent-milk is your best bet – this won’t work very well with skim milk since there is less fat for the THC to bond with. 

First, grind your weed. It’s hard to gauge how much weed you’ll need, but as a general rule of thumb stick to about half a gram for every quart of milk.

You’ll then need to find a bowl that fits into a pot without touching the bottom. You’ll first boil water in that pot, and then combine the milk and weed in the bowl and place it in the pot. 

Let this sit and simmer for at least an hour. Since the heating element is not touching the milk directly, there is a lower risk of spoiling the milk. 

Once the weed and milk have sat for a while, you can strain it through a metal strainer or coffee filter. Keep the milk in a mason jar or other container in the fridge, and add it to your coffee or tea whenever you want to. The process is exactly the same for cream, though you’ll probably get a stronger high due to the higher fat content. 

You can also add weed-infused milk to other things if you want, like mac and cheese!

How to Make Weed Alcohol

While you can make weed alcohol out of any type of alcohol you want, grain alcohol with a higher alcohol percentage (70 percent or higher) is generally the best bet. The higher the percentage, the stronger the drink will be and the less you’ll have to have. 

However, if you have a particular flavor or drink in mind, feel free to switch it out – but only use hard alcohol, as heat will spoil beer and wine. 

You’ll need a coffee filter, a mason jar, alcohol, weed, and a pot of water, as well as something to tie your coffee filter with.

First, put a pot of water on to boil. As you wait, grind your weed and put it into the coffee filter. The amount of weed you should put in varies, but you should make the first batch with half a gram for every 13 ounces of alcohol you use. 

Tie the coffee filter closed. Pour the alcohol into the mason jar, and then place the tied up coffee filter in as well. You’ll place the jar in the pot of water. 

Let it sit for around half an hour to an hour. You should begin to see a change in color. Be wary of leaving the alcohol on for too long as it can begin to evaporate if it gets too hot.

Remove the alcohol after it’s changed color and let it cool before serving. 

To make the weed alcohol even stronger, you can leave the coffee filter in the mason jar. As it sits, more THC will infuse into the alcohol. Always be sure to watch your limits: with grain alcohol, one shot is usually enough.

How to Make Weed Simple Syrup

If you don’t want to deal with something as strong as weed alcohol, but still want to enjoy an alcoholic drink with weed in it, you can make weed simple syrup instead. 

Just pour equal parts sugar and water into a saucepan, and then place a gram of ground weed into the mixture. Heat it at a simmer on medium heat until all of the sugar has dissolved into the water, stirring occasionally. 

Once that has happened (and the water still remains clear, not cloudy), take the saucepan off of the stove and drain the weed particles out of the mixture, and add it into cocktails and mixed drinks as you see fit. 

Make All Sorts of Weed Drinks

Now that you know how to make weed coffee and other drinks, you can make and enjoy a wide range of cannabis-infused drinks. This means that you can also cook a range of different edibles since a ton of recipes call for dairy. 

For more information about marijuana and the various ways that you can consume it check out our website!

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