7 Cool Vaping Tips and Tricks

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When you think of marijuana users, you probably imagine a small subcategory of people that enjoy smoking or vaping together. While cannabis users do have a strong community, it’s in no way a small one. In fact, more than half of US adults have tried pot. 22% say that they use it regularly. Surprised?

Well, it’s true! While hitting the bong or the bowl is a fun and possibly even magical experience at times, though, smoking isn’t the only way to use weed. It isn’t even the best way since a lot of people don’t like the burning sensation it brings to their lungs.

Vaping cannabis products is an easier alternative for a lot of people, and it has a lot of side benefits to boot. It may sound unbelievable, but even if you’re new to vaping, there are a ton of tips and tricks you can use to make you feel like a seasoned vaper in no time at all.

Read on to get some of the best insider vaping tips out there!


Before you can learn the coolest tricks out there, you’re going to need to know how to maintain and care for your vape. Here, we’re going to give you some of the best tips to make sure that your vape is in tip-top shape… and can do everything you want it to and more.

1. Disassemble at Night

Lots of vapers forget how important it is to take your vape pen apart at night or when you aren’t using it for long stretches of time. This is important for a couple of reasons, but the bottom line is that your vape isn’t going to work right if you always leave it together.

If you don’t disassemble (and clean) your vape, you’re going to let dirt, grime, and eventually rust build up inside it. Not only is this nasty because you put your mouth on it (and put smoke from inside it into your mouth), but it also ruins the pen. Grime can clog up the inner workings and make it stop being effective at its job.

2. Learn About the Batteries

Taking your vape apart at night is also good for the batteries. This is an important thing to keep in mind – the batteries are essential to making the vape work. Learn a little bit about them so you know how to keep them clean and working right.

For a couple of random tips, use the battery regularly, make sure not to overcharge (and therefore drain) them, and make sure they’re fully charged when you begin to store them!

3. Eliminate the Smell

Another thing you’re going to want to do to maintain the order in your life is to eliminate the bulk of the cannabis smell from your surroundings. You’re already using a vape, which is amazing for getting rid of the smell. It emits so much less odor than a bowl or a bong.

Still, there will be some smell, and if you want to eliminate it completely, there are a couple things you can do. First, carry your vape in a discreet insulated bag. This will stop the smell from coming out when you aren’t using it. 

If you’re using it indoors, be sure to open a window! This will stop the odor from setting into furniture.


You’ve probably seen people perform some cool smoke tricks when smoking from a bowl or a bong, but vaping brings these tricks to a whole new level. Because you can keep the vapor in your mouth longer, tricks look even more trippy. Here are a few beginner tricks to learn with your vape pen!

4. The O-Ring

The O-Ring is one of the most simple and standard tricks. Still, it looks incredible when you’re sitting there with your vape pen ad rings are coming out of your mouth. It’s a really great place to start out if you’re new to vaping!

It’ll probably take about a week or two to learn, so don’t get discouraged if you’re having trouble in the beginning. A good tip for when you’re struggling is to cough out and blow at the same time, making the ring emerge from your rounded lips. Hopefully, that helps!

5. The Dragon

The Dragon is the trick that everyone wants to do when they begin vaping. It’s basically when you inhale the vape and then breathe out your nose when you exhale in addition to your mouth. This makes you look like you’re breathing fire, which gives the trick its name!

This is likely what you imagine when you think about someone vaping. It’s cool looking and once you get the hang of taking smoke into your lungs, it isn’t that difficult, either.

6. The Irish Waterfall

The Irish Waterfall is another really cool trick that’s sure to impress your friends. First, you need to inhale a lot of smoke but be careful not to swallow it. Hold that smoke in your mouth and let it build up. You can trap it by putting your tongue up at the back of your mouth.

After that, you inhale the smoke cloud into your nasal cavity and push it out your nose. This creates an interesting waterfall effect that will leave people interested in your vaping skills.

7. Ghost Inhale

The Ghost Inhale is a little trickier than the other tricks we’ve talked about, but it’s a lot of fun to learn and to show off. Draw the smoke into your mouth like you did in the Irish Waterfall, and don’t push it far back. Then you need to delicately release it in a puff from your lips. That’s the famed ghost!

The really fun part of the trick, though, is that you can use your lips to pull the smoke back in before letting it out again! 

More Vaping Tips

When you’re starting vaping, it’s easy to feel behind the other cool kids that have been doing it for a while. There’s no need for that, though! If you use these great vaping tips that will turn you from beginner to vape veteran, you can’t go wrong.

Stay chill!

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