8 Rare Weed Strains All Stoners Need to Try

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Inyo rare cannabis strains to try

On January 1, 2017, Nevada legalized marijuana for recreational use. In that first year, sales surpassed the $500 million mark.

Those sales are shared between the over 779 cannabis strains that we currently know of. And while the average smoker is content with what they find in their favorite local dispensary, there are a number of rare weed strains that are well worth the search.

If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, then your everyday Kush probably doesn’t cut it. But can you call yourself a connoisseur without knowing about the rarest strains of weed

After reading this guide on the 8 rare cannabis strains and why they’re so sought after, you can count yourself among the most knowledgable. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Lime & Pine

This extremely rare strain is so limited, you likely won’t find it on your average Tuesday. While that limited availability means you’ll have to wait to try it, that’s also what keeps the strain highly sought after

Lime and Pine boasts a potent flavor profile that combines with an interesting effect you don’t find with most other strains. Thanks to the high concentrations of terpenes pinene and limonene, it doesn’t give you the burnout of a high-THC strain. What it does give you is an intense focus that lasts for hours.

Growers of Lime and Pine are hoping that legalization will make this strain more mainstream. Meaning that you might have an opportunity to try this flavorful strain sometime soon.

2. Chemdog

This rare weed has actually been around since the early ’90s. It’s believed to have originated from a bag of seeds sold at Grateful Dead’s 1991 tour. Since then, it’s been used to breed the likes of Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

One of the most potent and powerful strains of all time, you may have come across the Chemdawg strain at your local shop as it’s a cannaisseur’s favorite. 

3. Dr. Grinspoon/Quaze

If you’ve been lucky enough to come across the Dr. Grinspoon strain, then you know it’s considered one of the purest of sativa strains. It’s often only mentioned as it’s incredibly hard to find a brand who grows it.

Sometimes found in Dutch coffee shops as “Grinspoon” or “Quaze”, it’s a mood-lifting and focus-enhancing strain. Those fortunate enough to have tried it claim it has an unusual but welcome spicy flavor that clears your head for an afternoon of extended concentration.

4. Lasqueti Haze

When it comes to rare weed strains, Lasqueti Haze might be the rarest strain of weed. In fact, some people believe that it’s extinct. Formerly grown by an older hippy on Lasqueti Island in the ’90s, there is limited information online and we’ve yet to come across it in from our favorite brands as well.

It’s said to have powerful cerebral effects and can help with fatigue, but the boost that it gives might be too powerful for some.

5. Pink Starburst

A miracle in crossbreeding, Pink Starburst is derived from two hybrids that pack a powerful punch. It’s made from DJ Short’s blueberry X Headband and AJ Sour Diesel bx3. But then, it’s backcrossed on itself.

What exactly is backcrossing? It’s a way to create a strain that’s derived from the genetics of one parent plant. So when breeders find a strain that has all the things they want, they can maintain those properties.

As far as Pink Starburst is concerned, that means a rare weed strain with 32.5% THC. But, because it’s a hybrid of indica and sativa, it has the best properties of both worlds. While it grows like an indica, it’s uplifting effects make it feel like a sativa.

6. Purple Sherbert

Grown by a local L.A. breeder with a 20-year passion for backcrossing, Purple Sherbert was created to replace Purple Urkle. When Urkle began to drop off the face of the earth, this L.A. fellow crossed Purple Urkle with Sherbert. The result was a colorful green, purple, and orange bud with a sweet and elegant aroma and flavor profile.

7. Malawi Gold

Traditionally grown by Malawi tribes, it’s a high-THC sativa that’s built a reputation as the strongest that Southeast Africa produces.

The real deal is covered in golden strands. In terms of aromas, think sweet and earthy. And in terms of smoking, you can expect energy, euphoria, and uplifting effects.

8. Hawaiian Snow

If you like history with your rare cannabis strains, then Hawaain Snow is related to one of the oldest strains we know of. The Haze’s it’s derived from date back to the earliest days of cannabis breeding back in the 1960s.

Combining Neville’s Haze, Pure Haze, and Hawaiian Haze, the idea behind Hawaiian Snow was to replicate the standards for sativa set by the Original Haze of back-in-the-day. And we think it does exactly that.

With a spicy yet calming aroma that hints at eucalyptus and citrus, the scent gives you a good idea of the high you’re in for. A high-THC strain with as much as 23% THC, the cerebral effects are some of the most potent out there.

Ordering Rare Weed Strains Online

You can’t call yourself a connoisseur without knowing about the rarest strains of weed. From strains like Chemdawg that got their start in the ’90s to Malwai Gold that made its way here all the way from Southeast Africa, these strains generally stay within special locales. 

But while some of these rare weed strains are all but impossible to find, some pop into the best dispensaries on occasion. Check out our menu for a selection of the best, and sometimes the rarest, strains of weed.


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