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Marijuana slang

Marijuana slang

Bruce Banner. Jack Herer. Miss X. 

No, those aren’t the names of the latest hot band members. They’re three popular marijuana strains.

If you’re not an experienced weed smoker, your head might start spinning when you walk into a modern dispensary. There are a ton of different options to choose from. 

Marijuana slang is growing more common. People in all walks of life are discovering the plant’s benefits. 

Here are a few terms you should know. 

1. Smoke a Bowl 

A bowl is the part of the bong or pipe that you place your weed into. When you’re ready to smoke, you light the bowl. 

It’s one of the most common ways to consume marijuana. If you love weed, there’s a good chance that you love smoking fat bowls. Lots of smokers even enjoy the feeling of the smoke in their lungs. 

2. Joint 

To create the perfect joint, all you need is some weed, rolling papers, and a lighter. It’s a classic way of smoking weed. 

Joints are great because they’re easily transportable and they’re useful in social situations. Dragging a bong around would be annoying and indiscreet. A joint looks like a cigarette from a distance. 

Smoking a joint with your friends is a fun way to relax. Everyone who enjoys marijuana knows what a joint is, even if they prefer other consumption methods. 

3. The Cherry 

The cherry is the glowing part of a bowl or joint. If it’s burning, it means the bowl isn’t over. Valuable marijuana is burning if you can see the cherry. 

Smoke it! Stoners hate wasting weed. Getting all of the available weed smoke is called “clearing” the bong, pipe, etc.  

4. Get Lit 

No one can deny the potential medical benefits of consuming cannabis. However, one of the main reasons to smoke weed is to get high. People love the intoxicating effects. 

There are a ton of different phrases describing the experience. Get lit. Get blazed. Most people gravitate toward the same terms that their friends use. 

If you ever feel like you’re getting too stoned, just stop consuming cannabis. It sounds obvious, but novice smokers sometimes forget that they won’t be stoned forever. No one has ever died from smoking weed. 

5. Doob Tube 

Blazing through a fat joint with your friends? There’s a lot of pressure to smoke it all at once. No one wants to drag half a joint around. 

That’s where the doob tube comes in. It’s a skinny, airtight tube designed to hold cannabis joints.

Pop a sizzling joint into a doob tube, close the lid, and it will kill the cherry. 

6. Spliff

There’s an overlap between people who smoke cigarettes and people who enjoy marijuana. You can indulge in both tastes at once by creating a spliff. This is a joint that’s half-weed, half tobacco. 

A spliff can give you a headache if you’re not used to it. You can’t really be fooled because you should be able to taste the tobacco on the first hit. 

Spliffs are more popular in Europe than in the U.S. 

7. Sticky-icky 

Stoners are picky. All weed may look the same if you’re not experienced, but a practiced eye and nose can spot huge differences. 

Most stoners look for “sticky” weed buds. These are dense nugs that are saturated in terpenes and cannabinoids. These are the compounds that make marijuana so powerful. 

If the buds are thick with terpenes, aromatic oils, they might feel “sticky” to the touch. This is a sign that you’re dealing with high-quality cannabis. 

Dried-out weed is a lot less appealing. 

8. Roach 

The last little nub of your joint or blunt is called the roach. It looks disgusting but it’s actually pretty potent. All of the juice of your joint is collected in the roach. 

If you have a bong or pipe, you can pop the roach into the bowl and smoke it that way. Otherwise, the nub can be a little hard to hold. 

Place your roach in your doob tube if you want to hold onto it for a while. 

9. Concentrate

The valuable compounds in marijuana can be pulled from the plant. If you’re interested in the euphoric qualities of THC, you can create a concentrated product that’s 90% or more THC. 

Concentrates tend to be very strong. However, they don’t have to contain any THC. CBD concentrates are very popular as well. 

Cannabis consumers who want to experiment with concentrates need to visit a good dispensary. You can make your own weed oil but it’s expensive and it won’t be as potent as the oils sold by budtenders. 

10. Herb 

There are herbs that you’re likely to sprinkle on top of your dinner. 

And then there’s marijuana. It’s a different type of herb. Smokers like using the term because it differentiates between flower weed, i.e. herb, and concentrated forms of marijuana. 

For example, a dry herb vaporizer uses cannabis buds. A vaporizer with an oil cartridge uses infused oil. Both are very popular although they have different advantages. 

11. Shake

When you’re handling marijuana buds, bits of the flower can fall off. Shake is the cast-off bits of marijuana. 

Most smokers appreciate large, dense nugs. Shake is the opposite of this so it’s often less expensive. Dispensaries usually sell shake at a discount. 

If you have a good grinder, you can collect your own shake in the chambers. 

12. Grass

Marijuana is a green plant. One of its earliest nicknames is grass. The name has fallen out of favor over the years, however. 

Does anyone still talk about smoking grass? The older generation of stoners might. The millennial crowd rarely uses the term. 

Still, start talking about grass and everyone will know what you’re talking about. 

Marijuana Slang You Should Know 

Keeping up with the latest marijuana slang takes work. The industry is exploding into the mainstream. New expressions are born every day. 

Here’s the good news. It’s easy to become a weed expert! Browse our online menu and come on down to Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary. We can help you start your weed journey. 

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