What to Expect at a Vegas Dispensary

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Vegas dispensary

Vegas dispensary

We’re coming upon the one-year anniversary of legal marijuana use in the state of Nevada. Since the summer of 2017, individuals ages 21 and up have been able to legally consume the THC plant in the state. Luckily for visitors and residents, the Vegas dispensary game is on point.

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or as green as the plant itself, budtenders and shop workers are there to make the process as smooth and informative as possible. Dispensaries exist to make you feel comfortable in your experience of buying, and especially afterward when sampling the product.

Every dispensary is different, but regardless, most have the same rules and etiquette. Purchasing medical or recreational marijuana for your first time or your hundredth time is exciting and a privilege.

If you want to make sure you’re exhibiting the most respectful and knowledgeable behavior possible, read on for an insider’s guide on what to expect!

Vegas Dispensary 101

If you’ve ever purchased legal marijuana, a Vegas dispensary will most likely seem pretty familiar to you. As legalization has only occurred within the last year, Vegas locales might offer minimal selections, or they may offer up the newest and greatest. Finding your favorite shop will be an interesting, and thrilling, scavenger hunt.

Say you haven’t been to a dispensary at all. No worries! Each one is full of friendly people who just want to encourage natural healing methods and relaxation techniques.

Going into a dispensary is very similar to buying beer or liquor for your first time but without the annoyed salesperson. Instead, budtenders are there to describe each strain, its effects, and flavors, and the different methods of consuming that are available. There is no better source of information, as the person describing it to you may have grown the product themselves!

Just like buying beer, there are rules and regulations when it comes to the purchasing of medical marijuana. Whether used medicinally or recreationally, patients and users go through a series of steps, first timers or not.

Let’s break down the process.

1. Prove Your Age

This part is simple and expected. A valid ID is your ticket into the dispensary world. Without it, there’s no chance of getting in.

Dispensaries are making their name in this world for the first time and aren’t willing to bend or break the rules. When we say valid, we mean not bent in half, fake, taped, or expired. An otherwise valid ID with a strip of tape down the middle just won’t cut it here.

Leave anyone under 21 at home or in the car. Most dispensaries won’t allow anyone underage in the building, even if they’re not shopping or buying. Waiting rooms are for customers and patients only.

2. Cash Is King

As of now, the rules have it where dispensaries are only taking cash.

If you forget to bring some, ATMs are a constant display at every dispensary. Don’t worry, most dispensaries are discreet, and transactions won’t leave your bank statement screaming “I JUST PURCHASED MEDICAL MARIJUANA!”

Who cares if it did, anyway? After all, it’s legal, medicinal, and fun. Speaking of fun, the next step is where the exciting stuff happens.

3. You May Enter

This is the kid-in-a-candy-store part. When you finally get through the waiting room (did we mention you may have to wait for a bit?), you are released into the green, clean room that beholds the many different varieties of marijuana plants.

Budtenders will be waiting to assist you, as dispensaries typically host a small number of guests at once. You may be in the room alone, with a partner, or with a couple of other guests, but it will never be crowded.

A visit to a Vegas dispensary will be an intimate one!

This one-on-one interaction is especially great for newcomers. Experienced and knowledgeable tenders are there to describe flavor profiles, aromas, effects, and everything needed to make your first time enjoyable. They know that a firm grasp on cannabis culture is what will make your experience the smoothest.

4. Ask Questions

Our advice here is to be as frank as possible. Ask plenty of questions, explain to your host your experience levels, preferences, and/or ailments, and they’ll direct you to your best bet. Or you can feel free to look around and draw it all in on your own.

Which Product Is Best for Me?

Product selection might seem overwhelming, but it’s all tailored to you. Your problem will be finding too much, and not the other way around. Medical marijuana comes in many different forms:

  • Oil and concentrates, for vaping
  • Flower, for smoking
  • Edibles, for eating/drinking

And that’s not all! The marijuana industry comes up with new and exciting developments all the time. Edibles may be one category, but within the edible world could be gummies, chocolates, caramels, cookies. . . you name it.

The flower comes in a huge variety, as budtenders have the ability to mix strains or not. It can be dense or fluffy, stinky or floral, a head high or a body high. Once again, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Will this strain knock me on my butt for hours? I can’t do that, I have a concert tonight. Oh, this strain will liven me up? Perfect, I’ll take a pre-roll of that one!

And so on. Just remember that the experience will be catered towards you and your wishes, so be honest about what you want, and we’ll make sure to get it to you.

Expect to Love It

The final step is the easiest.

Once you’ve picked out your perfect selection, the only thing to do next is trying it. Remember to start slow and move up from there. Eat small dosages, take just a couple puffs; be smart and moderate about your usage the way you would anything else.

Medical marijuana is a growing business, and we’re excited to make you a part of its history. If you have yet to attend a Vegas dispensary, don’t wait any longer; dispensaries aren’t going anywhere. You may as well speak from experience.

Once you’ve visited, let us know how much you enjoyed it!

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