Las Vegas Dispensary Guide to Choosing the Best Vape Pens

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Best vape pens

Vape pens are a cannabis-consuming revolution. You can safely inhale cannabis oil and receive a better high. Inhaling vapor is safer than inhaling smoke, and you’re not exposed to harmful substances such as butane from lighters.

But are all vape pens superb? Finding the best vape pens can be difficult. There are several brands that make their vape pens with cheap, and often harmful, materials.
Many brands will try and sell you cheap packages filled with many amenities, but that doesn’t mean they’re quality products.

When you visit a Las Vegas dispensary, you need to find the right vape pen for your shatter. Here’s your guide to buying the best vape pens in Vegas.

Buy a Low Voltage Battery with Adjustable Settings

You may think the hotter the pen, the better the quality. But this isn’t the case with the best vape pens. When your pen gets too hot, you’re wasting more shatter or THC oil. You also risk consuming more carcinogens.

Instead, opt for a low voltage battery. This way, your vape pen burns for a long time and only burns the specific amount of wax or oil you need to inhale.

They also won’t produce longer hits; since wax and oil are heavily THC-concentrated, you only need a little bit of vape to feel the effects.

Burning less oil is also safer. While inhaling vapor is safe, it does do minor damage to your lungs. When your burn less, the vapor won’t be as harsh. Your tokes are cleaner, clearer, and safer.

If you’re looking for specifics, find a pen that takes a battery with 3.3 volts or lower. Anything higher and more formaldehyde is released.

But what if you prefer burning more oil? Or taking a harder hit? You can also find a pen that has adjustable settings.

This way, you can burn more when using your pen alone and burn less when sharing your pen with your friends. The temperatures range between 280 degrees and even as high as 400 degrees.

Portable or Stationary?

Do you prefer a portable marijuana device or a stationary one?

If you’re unsure of what this means, let’s take the classic example: Do you prefer bowls or one-hitters over huge gravity bongs? It’s easy to put a one-hitter in your pocket, but kind of difficult to do that with your foot-tall bong.

The same applies to the best vape pens.

There are tiny pens that fit in your pocket – these are similar to e-cigarette pens. Users like these for the convenience, easy maintenance, they can be easily concealed, and most places won’t know you’re smoking marijuana.

But the at-home marijuana users have taken a liking to desktop vaporizers. They may be bulky, but they have amazing temperature control, are easy to use, and easy to clean.

Vaporizes Flower

What if you like good ol’ bud? You shouldn’t sacrifice your lungs for the preference of fresh flower. There are plenty of vape devices that are able to burn flower as vapor.

How do you know if a vape pen uses flower?

Flower vape pens are a little bigger than the average pen; they’re a little shorter, but they’re wider. This is to fit the bowl that’s in the middle of the piece. You grind up your flower and load it into this bowl.

These pens have varying prices but are typically a little more expensive than the average vape pens.

There are a lot of benefits when vaporizing flower. If you’re a strain advocate, there are more options consuming flower than concentrates.

You also get all of the benefits of the marijuana plant, including the trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

Convection or Conduction

If you want the best vape experience, try the best vape pens that vape either in convection or conduction. Here are the definitions:

  • Convection passes thermal energy through the concentrate
  • Conduction puts the concentrate in direct contact with the heat source

As a seasoned vape user, you’ll start to learn the differences between the two.

Most marijuana vape users know the conduction process. This is when you place the concentrate on the source of heat, usually the coil that the pen heats. With convection, you place the concentrate or flower in a separate area that heats up.

However, more vape users are saying convection vape pens last longer and draw concentrate better than conduction because the direct heat contact burns the oil more.

But this is still all about preference; some vape users prefer burning more concentrate at a time.

Trust Your Taste Buds

What if you purchased a pen, but are unsure if the quality is good or not? The best way to judge is using your taste buds.

As a seasoned marijuana consumer, you know the taste of marijuana. It’s crisp, earthy, and good bud always tastes fresh.

While oil or wax doesn’t have as strong of a flavor as flower, you should still taste a subtle earthy flavor. Depending on the oil or wax, some strains won’t produce a flavor. This is also normal.

But what’s abnormal is tasting anything strong or ill-tasting. If you taste plastic, chemicals, or any harsh and unpleasant flavor, this means the pen is no good. This is due to the amount of formaldehyde in the pen.

Keep in mind, these flavors may also be due to the solvents used in the extraction process.

You can consume harmful butanes such as solvents. If this is the case, check the oil’s manufacturer. Find out what solvents they use. If they use anything harmful, stop buying their oil and wax.

The best vape pens won’t produce a flavor of their own, allowing you to enjoy the crisp taste of cannabis oil and wax.

Time to Buy the Best Vape Pens

If you’re a new vape pen user, the options can be intimidating. There are several features and intricate scientific terms, you may not know where to begin.

But this guide will help to identify the different vape pens, their quality, and your preference.

When you visit a Las Vegas dispensary, you’ll know which vape pen to buy to match your concentrate or flower.

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