How to Get Your Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Card

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The DIY Instructions

The Nevada Medical Marijuana Program: Application Process
Requests for registration on the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program or changes to your current circumstances must be submitted in writing through the US Postal Service, UPS or FEDEX only. This also applies to changes in your current circumstances. There is no walk in service.

Your written request should include the following:

  • The address the form should be sent to.
  • If you have a caregiver, include a request for a caregiver packet.
  • If you are requesting an application for someone other than yourself, include that persons name and address.
  • If you are requesting an application for a minor, include a request for a minor release.
  • You will not be able to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card if you hold a Commercial Drivers License.
  • A registration fee of $25: your check or money order should be made payable to the Nevada State Health Division.
  • Mail your request to: Nevada State Health Division, 4150 Technology Way — Suite 104, Carson City, Nevada 89706

You will be sent an application form; to complete it you will need a doctor’s confirmation that you suffer from one of the conditions listed below and recommendation that marijuana will help to relieve that condition. The Division of Health will check the status of the doctor who provided the recommendation; they will also check out whether you have any past convictions for selling a controlled substance. On approval your registry ID card will be issued at a DMV office in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Elko, or Carson City.

Qualifying Conditions

  • AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Cachexia (wasting and malnutrition associated with chronic disease)
  • Persistent Muscle Spasms (including Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Seizures (including Epilepsy)
  • Severe Nausea
  • Severe Pain
  • Additional conditions specifically approved by the Department of Health and Human Services

The Nevada Medical Marijuana Program: Doctors
Any Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) licensed in Nevada can recommend a patient for Nevada’s medical marijuana program.

The Nevada Medical Marijuana Program: Caregivers
As a patient, you and your designated primary caregiver are allowed to produce marijuana. You are only allowed one primary caregiver at a time. Your caregiver must be at least 18 years old, have significant responsibility for managing your well-being, and be officially designated as your primary caregiver. If you want a designated caregiver, make sure to request a caregiver packet when you request an application from the Division of Health.

The Nevada Medical Marijuana Program: Important Information

  • Nevada medical marijuana law does not protect a patient who uses their medicine while driving or operating a boat. Nor does the law allow you to medicate in any place exposed to public view.
  • A patient under the age of 18 must have a signed statement from his or her parent or legal guardian saying that the parent will be the patient’s designated primary caregiver and agrees to control the acquisition of medicine, the dosage, and frequency of use.
  • The list of patients with IDs is confidential and not subject to subpoena, discovery, or inspection by the general public.
  • Nevada medical marijuana law does not specifically address whether or not you can be evicted because you are a patient with an ID. Nothing in the Nevada law specifically addresses whether or not a person can be a patient and live in subsidized housing. If you live in housing funded by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Nevada law will not protect you and you may be subject to eviction because medical marijuana is not protected under federal law.
  • Nevada’s medical marijuana law states that no correctional facility, including a county jail, state prison, or juvenile detention center, is required to accommodate a medical marijuana patient.
  • Nevada does not require employers to accommodate medical marijuana use in the workplace.
  • Nevada does not require an insurance carrier to reimburse you for the cost of your medicine.
  • The Nevada Medical Marijuana Program does not offer protection from prosecution to visitors from other states. If you do not have a Nevada patient ID you will not be protected from prosecution under Nevada law.
  • The Nevada medical necessity defense should still apply to an out of state patient.

For more information, please refer to the DPBH Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholder Registry and Bill 374.

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